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Yep, this post is about my bathroom. Not just because I am obsessed with it (love the tiles, and the vanity) but because my mom is basically a genius and since a lot of you are renters too this could very likely solve a problem you have.

I am not really sure what brilliant architect or designer decided to leave a fan out of my bathroom but that is what happened, and so I was stuck with the prospect of a very steamy, humid, and likely moldy bathroom. My mom suggested I get some air plants to absorb the humidity when I shower, and so I ordered them from amazon, hung them up, and WOW. They are so pretty but also so functional! The bathroom still gets a little steamy, but they do a great job of helping it stay dry so that mildew does not grow. Or mold. It’s awesome! Such a great solution.


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  4. muetz said: HANNAH I LOVE YOUR BATHROOM IT’S GORGEOUS! Also love the planters you’re using! We have soooo many of those plants at home, maybe I’ll sneak some on my way back from Florida at the end of the month! :) xo
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